Styles of Radical Will (Italian Sculpture)

Solo Exhibition by Stephen Lapthisophon

Sep 09 – Nov 20, 2016
with an opening reception on Fri Sep 09 @ 6-9pm
at Sector 2337 (Main Gallery), 2337, N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

The Green Lantern Press is pleased to present its fall exhibition, Styles of Radical Will (Italian Sculpture), by Stephen Lapthisophon, on view in the main gallery from Sept 09-Nov 20, 2016. Styles of Radical Will (Italian Sculpture) mixes sculpture, wall drawing, found objects, text, photography, works on paper, and fabric to address issues of time and duration. Works prepared in both the artist’s studio and created onsite in the gallery space make reference to artistic precedents in Italian art from the mid 20th c. such as Piero Manzoni, Jannis Kounellis, Giovanni Anselmo and Giuseppe Penone. This show extends Toccare (Non) Toccare, a body of work Lapthisophon presented for a 2016 project at the Nasher Sculpture Center­. Texts will be drawn from an artist book produced in conjunction with the Nasher project, Notebook 1967-68, incorporating the work of Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. The way the show brings together installation, sculpture, and writing congeals in Lapthisophon’s simple correspondence about his materials, unified suddenly in a list without commas:

Paper flowers ink vegetables fabric lumber cardboard leaves egg shells string
Books dead flowers light nails glass and a flag

“Lapthisophon’s work evokes the past, and in general a sense of pastness, to poetically address the present.” — Artforum, print edition, May 2016.

Stephen Lapthisophon is an American artist and educator working in the field of conceptual art, critical theory, and disability studies. Lapthisophon received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979. His early work combined poetry, performance, sound art, and visual arts with postmodern philosophical concerns. He was also influenced by the legacy of the Situationists, who sought to make everyday life a focus of artistic activity. Lapthisophon has taught at Columbia College in Chicago, the School of the Art Institute, and the University of Texas at Dallas. He currently teaches art and art history at The University of Texas at Arlington.


A Rule By Nobody

Curated by Third Object for the Sector Project Space

Sept 09 – Nov 20, 2016
with an opening reception for Part I. on Fri, Sep 09 @ 7-9pm
at Sector 2337 (Project Space), 2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL

The Green Lantern Press is pleased to announce its Fall 2016 Curatorial Residency was awarded to Third Object, for the group exhibition, A Rule By Nobody 

A Rule By Nobody is an exploration of the boredoms, frustrations and pleasures of bureaucratic routines. Drawing its title from Hannah Arendt’s definition of bureaucracy, the exhibition takes the bored energy of office labor and channels it into a multipart dive into the sublimely overflowing inbox, the inky warm Xerox room, the balled up wads of red tape, and the moments of escape that punctuate the droning beige sameness of nine to five.

The show is composed of a two-part group exhibition in Sector 2337’s rear project space, a video screening, a live performance, and a printed publication.

Exhibiting artists include: (Part One) Naama Arad, Samuel Levi Jones, Hai Knafo, Andrew Norman Wilson / (Part Two) Stephen Kwok, Kelly Lloyd, Christopher Meerdo / (Ongoing) Globe Al Chemical Company

Additionally, video screening artists include Liz Magic Laser, Hanne Lippard, Ellen Nielsen, Pilvi Takala, Lawrence Weiner, and Andrew Norman Wilson. Publication includes contributions from Brandon Alvendia, Blair Bogin, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Nick Ferreira, Jesse Malmed, Josh Rios, Anthony Romero, Neal Vandenbergh, J. Gibran Villalobos, and Philip von Zweck.

A Rule by Nobody is organized by Third Object, a roving curatorial collective based in Chicago. Recent exhibitions include Slow Stretch, Mana Contemporary Chicago; Satellites, The Franklin; Were the Eye Not Sunlike, ACRETV and Fernwey; and Mossy Cloak, Roots and Culture. Third Object is Ann Meisinger, Raven Munsell, and Gan Uyeda.

Image: Stephen Kwok, 1117 (installation view), 2013


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.10.44 PM

Institutional Garbage

Presented by The Green Lantern Press + The Hyde Park Art Center

this online exhibition is published here  (use command +/- keys to assist with zooming and and out)

Sep 01 – Dec 31, 2016

and launches officially on Sep 01, 7-9pm  at Sector 2337, 2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL during Wasted hours – an evening of performance (curated by Every house has a door) with commissioned works by Michal Samama and Alberto Aguilar 
Participating artists include: Alberto Aguilar, Brit Barton, Mara Baker, Kevin Blake, Zippora Elders, Rami George, David Hall, Kuras and MacKenzie,  Josh Rios and Anthony Romero,  Michal Samana, Naqeeb Stevens, Tina Tahir, Anna Martine Whitehead; writers: Lise Haller Baggesen, Daniel Borzutzky, Isaiah Dufort, Patrick Durgin, Tricia Van Eck, Jane Lewty, Jill Magi, Nam Chi Nguyễn, Rowland Saifi, Suzanne Scanlon, Mia You and Maarten van der Graaf with Fiep van Bodegom and Obe Alkema; & curators: David Ayala-Alfonso, Britton Bertran, Rashayla Marie Brown, Every house has a door, Lucia Fabio, João Florêncio, Stevie Greco, Jeanine Hofland, Renan Laru-an, La Keisha Leek, Sofia Lemos and Vincent van Velsen. Online Exhibition Design: Pouya Ahmadi.

Institutional Garbage is an online exhibition that presents the administrative residue of imaginary public institutions produced by artists, writers, and curators. This residue includes but is not limited to contracts, email correspondences, documented unproductivity, syllabi, scanned objects, and obstacle courses; collecting such fragments in one place, Institutional Garbage illustrates the backend activities of imaginary bureaucracies in an effort to trace the private life of institutional endeavors. What comes to the fore is not a cohesive, singular agenda, but instead a cross-section of often misfired objects that, once assembled, try to tease out new strategies for community arts production, education, sustainability, and value assessment. The resulting website will launch on September 1st, 2016 on the occasion of Wasted Hours, a live performance event at Sector 2337 curated by Every house has a door. Institutional Garbage is curated by Caroline Picard and Lara Schoorl with support from The Center Program, in response to a 2014 invitation RISD students posed on the occasion of the Hyde Park Art Center’s 75th anniversary. 

Photo: Mara Baker, pisa falling, 2016. Still from stop-motion animation