A Rule By Nobody

Curated by Third Object for the Sector Project Space

Sept 09 – Nov 20, 2016
with an opening reception for Part I. on Fri, Sep 09 @ 7-9pm and for Part II. on Sat, Oct, 22 @ 7-9pm
at Sector 2337 (Project Space), 2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL

The Green Lantern Press is pleased to announce its Fall 2016 Curatorial Residency was awarded to Third Object, for the group exhibition, A Rule By Nobody 

A Rule By Nobody is an exploration of the boredoms, frustrations and pleasures of bureaucratic routines. Drawing its title from Hannah Arendt’s definition of bureaucracy, the exhibition takes the bored energy of office labor and channels it into a multipart dive into the sublimely overflowing inbox, the inky warm Xerox room, the balled up wads of red tape, and the moments of escape that punctuate the droning beige sameness of nine to five.

The show is composed of a two-part group exhibition in Sector 2337’s rear project space, a video screening, a live performance, and a printed publication.

Exhibiting artists include: (Part One) Naama Arad, Samuel Levi Jones, Hai Knafo, Andrew Norman Wilson / (Part Two) Stephen Kwok, Kelly Lloyd, Christopher Meerdo / (Ongoing) Globe Al Chemical Company

Additionally, video screening artists include Simon Denny, Liz Magic Laser, Hanne Lippard, Jodie Mack, Ellen Nielsen, Kay Rosen, Pilvi Takala, Lawrence Weiner, and Andrew Norman Wilson. Publication includes contributions from Brandon Alvendia, Blair Bogin, Rashayla Marie Brown, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Nick Ferreira, Jesse Malmed, Huong Ngo, Josh Rios, Anthony Romero, Neal Vandenbergh, J. Gibran Villalobos, and Philip von Zweck.

A Rule by Nobody is organized by Third Object, a roving curatorial collective based in Chicago. Recent exhibitions include Slow Stretch, Mana Contemporary Chicago; Satellites, The Franklin; Were the Eye Not Sunlike, ACRETV and Fernwey; and Mossy Cloak, Roots and Culture. Third Object is Ann Meisinger, Raven Munsell, and Gan Uyeda.

Image: Stephen Kwok, 1117 (installation view), 2013

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PART ONE Installation images


Globe Al Chemical Company, “Satellite Office,” Email ooo@globe-al.org for more info about the office. Installation image, “A Rule by Nobody,” Sector 2337, Chicago, 2016. Photo by Clare Britt.



“A Rule by Nobody,” Installation image, Sector 2337, Chicago, 2016. Photo by Clare Britt.



“A Rule by Nobody,” Installation image, Sector 2337, Chicago, 2016. Photo by Clare Britt.



Hai Knafo, “Portraits for The WallStreet Journal, 1982 – 2011,” rapidograph pens on paper, variable size. Photo by Clare Britt.



“A Rule by Nobody,” Installation image, Sector 2337, Chicago, 2016. Photo by Clare Britt.