Walk Like an Egyptian

Giovanna Silva


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“Some of the sarcophagi have their inscriptions and images on the inside, so that only the dead can read them. As if we outside are the dream they dream and they are reminded of us from time to time while reading.”

Walk Like an Egyptian is a small book wrapped in four heavy dust jackets, introducing itself as an object to unpack and eventually reassemble. Filled with stark black-and-white images of Egyptian artefacts, assembled across museums and galleries but with no designated point of origin. The images bleed through the thin paper as evidence to their being reproductions: printed remnants only signifying a real object. These are joined by a short text by Olaf Nicolai observing a world built of nostalgic gestures and constructed histories in Cairo. Egyptian artefacts thousands of years in age are joined by wall fans, made no more than twenty years ago. Objects survive, but beyond their use. They are preserved, but we have little knowledge of their exact origins; they exist as their own replicas when completely devoid of their history.