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Moshe Zvi Marvit


Product Description

Urbesque is a collection of short (in the sense that most, though not all, of the pieces are shorter than forty pages) fiction (because they are untrue except, of course, for the parts that are). The characters who populate these stories do not travel to India or hang out with matadors. They do, however, go to job fairs, make furniture, leave their swords in the lockers at work, write letters to the objects that surround them and take pictures of it all, years after the fact, to remind them not to forget. If, one day, a copy of Urbesque should appear unannounced on your doorstep, looking a little worse for wear, with whiskey on its breath, invite it in. Make room for it on your couch or bookshelf. Or, better yet, read it. Printed in an edition of 500 with silk screen covers by Mat Daly

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