Phantoms in the Dirt

Karsten Lund


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Product Description

“Something intangible is present within the seeming innocuous matter of the world. Something lurks in the ground beneath our feet.”

In 2015, 16 artists across artistic mediums and practices participated in a group show; their work, while all highly distinct, shared the concept of what is hidden beneath traces of physical material. Through their artworks, they introduce and inhabit a “world, grappled by questions of what is and isn’t plain to see”. The acts of tracing and excavation recalls the artistic process of unveiling what has not been previously seen. Richard Mosse’s chromogenic prints look like alien landscapes: “as if the world were showing a side of itself that no one would recognize.” The material world lives microscopic traces of insects, isolated chemical reactions, and strange environments: all inhabited, knowingly or unknowingly, by us.