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1. Ode to the National Parks: Weekend Camper

$30 Weekend Camper


Product Description

$30 Entry + food

Includes the Big Lodge Menu (7-10pm) with artist-made, park-inspired menu provided by Peter O’Leary, Josh Rios and Deanna Ledezma, Lindsey Dorr-Niro, Terri Griffith, Ericka Eregbu, house tacos, and a platter of hush puppies from Parson’s Chicken & Fish.

Bring the trail mix and binoculars for Ode to the National Parks, the Third Annual Fundraiser for The Green Lantern Press. Celebrating its fourth year at Sector 2337, Ode to the National Parks includes a silent auction, a raffle, necklaces for humans, trees, and birds, poetry readings, performance art, and music, plus campfire ready cocktails, a curated menu with artist-made appetizers, and additional drinks to suit an evening in the woods. Funds raised help the Green Lantern Press support noncommercial art and literary events throughout the year, furthering its role as an artist-centric hub for cultural activities in Chicago.

This event is sponsored by UBS.