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Depth Theology

Peter O'Leary


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Depth Theology taps the religious potential of poetry to access both the interior and the exterior worlds. Inspired by depth psychology, the field of psychology devoted to the unconscious, Peter O’Leary’s poems work to discover the religious knowledge of the unconscious mind. While seeking a revelatory poetry, O’Leary engages the inconclusive quality of the revealed, observing that “There’s / a liquidy trickiness to life, an entropy / of spillage.” The religious imagination that evolves in this series of thirty-four poems is unclouded by dogma and richly colored by erudition, while it tests the limits of human language and experience in an effort to understand our inwardness. Overflowing with images of birds and other objects of day-to-day experience, interwoven with the mythic, allegorical, and biblical, Depth Theology charts a path to understanding our innermost worlds. From “Lux Contemplatio”: “there is no place anymore for us to migrate. The need / yet remains. / Antarctica means now an interior domain. Curiosity / about our inner life increases. A nomad’s desert God is an inward / generator. Our outward movement yields our soul’s circumincession / its insitting / in rotation with the divine abeyance”

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